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  • Meme Shooting Update

    Meme Shooting Update

    Well, I was going to update about the progress on Meme on a much more regular basis, but keeping on top of the whole process and trying to stay on top of life beyond that has made that just not happen so much. Well, we’ve got almost 60 pages shot with only about 15 pages…

  • Meme Shooting Update: Tommy’s Living Room

    We picked up shooting for Meme again on Saturday, January 17th. We’re shooting the film location by location as we can get schedules lined up and we decided that the first places we should try and shoot out would be those that had the most pages that needed to be covered. Those are scenes at…

  • Meme Status and the Future

    Meme Status and the Future

    A year ago I tried to launch my first feature film project, Meme, with a Kickstarter campaign that was a little bit less than successful. After that I was determined to come back to the project, but first I needed to get some successes under my belt. First, I needed to churn out some shorts…