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Still from Meme with Chaz Cleveland, Kitty Ostapowicz, Sarah Schoofs, and Shivantha Wijesinha

Meme Shooting Update

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Well, I was going to update about the progress on Meme on a much more regular basis, but keeping on top of the whole process and trying to stay on top of life beyond that has made that just not happen so much. Well, we’ve got almost 60 pages shot with only about 15 pages left to do. We’ve done all but a few of the major scenes. A friend of mine asked me the other day: “if you died tomorrow, could someone make a movie out of what you’ve shot?” I’d say, yes. We’ve got the major plot points covered and what’s left is mostly connective and thematic material that builds it all into a better story, but as of right now there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. Wouldn’t be much of a movie, but there would be something.

We’ve shot out several locations and we’ve had good days and we’ve had long days. We’ve had frustrations but we’ve also gotten a lot of great shots and seen some excellent performances from all of our actors. We’ve wrapped our male lead, Shivantha Wijesinha, who delivered consistently throughout the shoot and was always striving to bring his best even when the rest of the world seemed hell bent on us not getting our scenes shot. We also wrapped actress/producer Kitty Ostapowicz, who is always one of my favorite people to work with on set. She’ll still be with us on our future shoot dates helping behind the scenes, but she’s been great in front of the camera in all of her scenes.

What we have left to shoot are mostly bar scenes and exterior scenes. We’ve been waiting on the exterior scenes until it got warmer, as it’s been a little cold the past few months here in New York. We’ve shot some of our bar scenes already but we have some key ones still to shoot and are looking at some new locations (and, hopefully, affordable locations) for the bar scenes.

While we’re hoping to find some cool new locations, none are likely to be as cool as our March 15th shoot day at Singularity & Co. a Brooklyn genre-oriented bookstore that had shelves full of weird, fun stuff. Here are pictures from all of our shoot days since the last update. We’ve worked hard and we’ve had a lot of fun.