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  • Inception, Part Three: Nolan’s Women

    This is Part Three of three posts about Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Yesterday’s post was about seeing the movie fresh and Monday’s post was my review of the film. There may be spoilers in this article, more so than in the previous two, if you haven’t seen Inception, you may consider postponing reading this post until […]

  • Catastrophe a 2010 StoryPros Awards Finalist

    I am pleased to share that my feature screenplay Catastrophe made it to the Finalist round of the 3rd Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest. Catastrophe‘s logline is: “In a world of superheroes and supervillains an unsuccessful disaster insurance salesman becomes a supervillain to save his job.” I started writing Catastrophe just over a year ago […]

  • A Story of Their Own: Women and Film

    Last week we lost both Dennis Hopper and Gary Coleman two icons of cinema and television. There’s been plenty said and I don’t have anything to add really. The news about their deaths reminded me of a few other celebrity deaths recently and I remembered a post I’d read on Feministing early last week. The […]