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Meme Status and the Future


A year ago I tried to launch my first feature film project, Meme, with a Kickstarter campaign that was a little bit less than successful. After that I was determined to come back to the project, but first I needed to get some successes under my belt. First, I needed to churn out some shorts and get myself really working on my craft. So, I made:

All made with the help of a lot of really talented and wonderful people who I owe a lot to. So, back on track with the filmmaking I rededicated myself to getting Meme off the ground by the end of 2014 and succeeded. Yes, we have, in fact, started shooting Meme. We rolled camera on our first scenes on November 22nd. We shot an entire subplot involving our lead character, Jennifer, dealing with difficult clients. Here are some screenshots from our two day shoot:

I’m really proud of what we got done and am happy to be working with Time Signature DP Peter Westervelt and AD Carolyn Maher (now taking on the role of Producer as well) again on this project. Among the other fantastic people involved are:

There are several more people on board, but I’ll update about them later. For more general information about the project and who is involved go to We’re also trying to hit social media hard, so check out #MemeTheMovie on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more.

What’s the plan for the future? Shooting the rest of the film! We’ve got approximately 10 minutes of the film shot, now (~1/8). We’ve got on the schedule to shoot out our most important locations at the end of January and the beginning of February. We have no budget, so we’re trying to work around everyone’s schedules and find a balance so that we can both get it done and not demand too much from the people offering their time and talent without monetary compensation.

This is how I’ll be spending much of the first half of 2015, working with all of these cool kids to get this film made. I’m so excited and also kind of shitting myself terrified. It’s going to be fun but it’s also a lot of work. I’m very very happy to have all of the fantastic people who are on board so far. I know, with their help, I can take this on and make 2015 my best year yet.





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