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  • Catastrophe a 2010 StoryPros Awards Finalist

    I am pleased to share that my feature screenplay Catastrophe made it to the Finalist round of the 3rd Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest. Catastrophe‘s logline is: “In a world of superheroes and supervillains an unsuccessful disaster insurance salesman becomes a supervillain to save his job.” I started writing Catastrophe just over a year ago […]

  • Answering All the Questions: Writing and the "Lost" Finale

    My wife and I watched the “Lost” finale on Monday afternoon. I’d been hearing a lot of annoyed rumblings about the end and I had to see for myself. I’m a fan of the series. I was a late-comer and didn’t start until after Season 3 but since then I’ve never been more than a month […]

  • Screenplay Structure and Outlining

    This morning I was doing some blog reading and came across Screenwriter411’s post STRUCTURE – The 9 Essential Scenes. It’s a good post about the necessity of structuring your story and outlining in screenwriting. I’m a fan of structure. What I have never been a fan of is outlining and planning. I find outlining frustrating. […]