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Meme Update

Sarah with the Tape-Small

Production on Meme has been continuing for the last few months. Our shooting around schedules and working on the film mostly on weekends process has made the production a little extended, but the end of principal photography is in sight. Our most recent shoot days were Memorial Day Weekend in May (or as Producer/AD Carolyn Maher called it “Meme-orial Day Weekend”). Three fun days at some great locations. We returned to People Lounge in Manhattan for some key bar scenes. We shot some beautiful exteriors in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Then, we got some great footage at The Creek and The Cave and some exterior scenes in Queens. At this point, there are only two scenes left to do. They are important scenes, as they are the ones in which Jennifer (Sarah Schoofs) actually meets people from the Meme tape, but other than those two scenes we pretty much have the story. What else is there?

Well, first of all we’ve got to shoot our films-within-the-film elements. There is additional footage we need to get for the Meme tape and for another video shown in the film. There is also Beneath the Black Moon, a horror film that Jennifer’s boyfriend, Tommy (Shivantha Wijesinha), is looking for in Meme. We will be shooting Beneath the Black Moon the second weekend of July. It promises to be a really fun weekend. We’re planning to shoot a little bit more than what we need for Meme so that Beneath the Black Moon can also be released on its own as a short film. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

So, Meme is close to wrapping on principal photography and then we have all the fun of post-production to get through. I’m excited to share more of the film as that progresses. Below are some photos from our recent shoot days. I’ll share more about the Beneath the Black Moon shoot once we finish it. Follow Meme on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up. Or subscribe to my newsletter for updates in your email. 

But first … I’ve got an announcement on July 6th. Come back for that. It’s going to be pretty cool.