Brooklyn Based Filmmaker

Getting Started

I graduated from New York Film Academy (NYFA) just over a week ago and had this overwhelming feeling of “Now What?” So, I pretty quickly got started on trying to find some way to worm my way into the film and television industry. It helped that I’d already been putting my resume out there for the past few months and that I’ve been talking to people.

Last week I started an internship at Edward Bass Films. It’s interesting. There are a lot of us interns and they seem to be just gearing up and getting ready to start utilizing our free labor in a variety of ways. I’m hoping to stay close to screenplays and do coverage. I feel like I learn a lot from reading other people’s work. Seeing the way others do things and deciding whether or not I think it works. I think it helps improve my own writing.

This week I should be starting another internship as a fundraiser on a film being produced by one of my NYFA instructors, Melanie Williams Oram, and directed by another, Randall Dottin. I’m excited to be working with them. They’re both very dynamic people. While the work I will be doing for them isn’t strictly filmmaking or writing I think participating in fundraising efforts for an independent film will be a great learning experience.

So, I’m about a week and a half out of school and I’m already off and rolling. I just have to start working on rewrites for my own scripts now.