The Kickstarter

Kickstarter Trailer for Abel and Cain
Videodrome Inspired Trailer for Abel and Cain
Kickstarter Pitch Video

In April of 2012 I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund my short film: Abel and Cain. We raised $4,060 in pledges to shoot the film.

The Film

Trailer for the Finished Film

I have completed a new short film entitled Abel and Cain. It stars Alex Bone (who appears in Modern Prometheus, the Nike commercials, and the silence your cellphones commercials) and Tara Cioletti. I worked with her for the first time. I also engaged make-up artist Stella Barber, and I brought in friend and photographer Kate Black to handle some photography needed for certain props.

The film has been released to Kickstarter Backers and has been submitted to several festivals for consideration.

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