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2018: Meme, Rubber Ducky, and It’s Normal

It has been a minute since I’ve updated this site. Between keeping Meme and 4MileCircus up to date I tend to forget to keep this one up. So, here is a quick look at my three projects for 2018. 


Meme is, of course, the biggest project on my plate for 2018 as it is my first feature. Post-production wrapped at the beginning of the year and in January we held a very successful cast & crew screening. This was then followed by the joys of the film festival submission process. As of the writing of this post Meme has been accepted to three festivals: The Underground FilmFest, The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, and Cucalorus

Meme has already screened at The Art of Brooklyn in June and they awarded the film Best Feature. It was a lovely festival and I tried to go to as many screenings that week as I was able to. The staff and volunteers were great. I’m looking forward to going back to it again, whether I’m screening or not, next year. 

Meme will be screening on November 10th and 11th at Cucalorus in Wilmington, North Carolina. I’m currently preparing to head there for the long weekend. I’ve heard wonderful things about the festival and I’m excited to experience it for myself. 

In addition to festivals Meme has also gotten a little bit of press. I did an interview with Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth, and then they had one of their writers review the film. It was a very positive review:

“Meme masquerades as a common relationship drama, when in fact it presents a fascinating existential commentary that is perfectly tied up in a full circle approach”

Tasha Danzig, Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth

More news on Meme will be coming for 2019. In the meantime, here is the latest trailer: 

Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky is a short film I wrote and directed in 2017 during Meme post-production. I completed post-production for Rubber Ducky while waiting to hear back from festivals on Meme. I am currently submitting it to festivals. It had it’s premiere at the August screening of Congested Cat’s IndieWorks. Rubber Ducky is a fun odd little film I hope to share more widely soon. Here is the teaser for Rubber Ducky: 

It’s Normal

I started writing It’s Normal after the 2017 presidential inauguration. I shared the draft with Nicole Solomon, my business partner at 4MileCircus and she was very eager to make it. I worked with her on revising the script and she took on directing duties. The film is at its core about the normalization of fascism, but it uses vampires instead. We shot it in the spring of 2018 and finished a cut of the film just in time to premiere at the Ax Wound Film Festival November 10th. As I’ll be with Meme at Cucalorus in North Carolina, I won’t be at Ax Wound for the film’s premiere, but Nicole will be in attendance. I’m looking forward to hearing about the audience’s reaction to the film.

Wide Poster for It’s Normal

Nicole wrote a blog post about It’s Normal on the 4MileCircus blog.


While 2018 isn’t over it is about the time to start working on 2019. There will be updated reels and more screenings and we’re looking forward to releasing all three of these films through platforms that will allow anyone and everyone to watch them. More updates to come.