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Three Questions with Carolyn Maher

Producer, AD, bounce holder ... Carolyn Maher does it all!
Producer, AD, bounce holder … Carolyn Maher does it all!

Three questions is a new thing I decided to do because I like the people I work with and want to share more about them and what they do and what they care about. These brief interviews appear in my monthly newsletter (which you can subscribe to here) and I am republishing them to the blog. This interview with Meme Producer Carolyn Maher was first published in my September 2015 Newsletter.

Carolyn was my Assistant Director for Time Signature, she is the Producer and AD for Meme, and she’s Producing and performing AD duties again on Maybe Sunshine.

What do you do?

I produce things! I take steps to bring different parts of the filmmaking process together to actually shoot things like scheduling, organizing, planning and communicating what needs to get done. I also keep one eye on the “bigger picture” to make sure a project is ready for the next phase of its life and what we can do now to help that next phase.

Why do you do it?

Film is a powerful storytelling medium and my objective as a filmmaker and producer is to tell stories that spread empathy, promote understanding and creative expression. Stories are one of our most important ways of creating a common ground and platform for discussion, debate and understanding. There’s also a joy I get from bringing someone else’s vision to life.

What do you want to share?

SO MUCH! My first feature as producer Trichster just got accepted to Cucalorus (which is the best festival on the planet) and is soon entering the wonderful world of distribution! Meme just wrapped principal photography and I’m always so impressed when I think about all the amazing people who were so generous with their time and talent to make it happen. The Cape House (feature #3) is starting to come together and it’s a whole different kind of challenge than anything I’ve done before. And if you want to spend 10 seconds watching some ridiculous stop motion animation, check out my Vimeo page.