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Meme Year-End Update


It has been a bit of journey getting this film to where it is right now. At this point in 2013 I was looking at our unsuccessful Kickstarter for the film and thinking about how or even if we’d be getting the project off the ground. A lot of things changed. I simplified the script. I made some new connections that made shooting possible. With the help of a lot of generous people we shot the film through the end of 2014 and most of 2015. Now, we’re in post-production.

So far the post-production process has been interesting. I’ve never made anything this long so it’s a bit overwhelming to even look at the film’s timeline. Post started back in December 2014, really. I put together all of the office scenes we shot in November 2014 for a clip to share privately with cast and crew. Then as we progressed I assembled early cuts of scenes. By early August 2015 I had a linear assembly of everything we’d shot up until the final scenes we needed to get. By the end of September I had a slightly refined version of that assembly with still plenty of work to do. It was good to have it then because it wasn’t long before we realized the film needed to be shaken up a little.

With the amount of time it took to shoot it gave us the opportunity to have a parallel extended time to get a look at the film as a whole. It works. The characters and story progress, but the flow of the edit needed something more. So, because we already were able to look at everything and see how it fit together over time and come out of our final days of shooting with an assembly in just a few weeks, we were able to see that we could make it better by shaking it up a little and taking the form of the film in a slightly different direction. What direction remains to be seen. We’re still working with it, but I’m very happy that we can work with it. I’m also excited at the possibilities.

While we’re working on all this post-production we’re also heavily involved in building a following for the film. We’ve been active on social media since the first day of shooting and established dedicated accounts for the project across multiple social media services early in 2015. We’re currently building on those services and sharing some fun things. We’ve got big plans for them later in 2016, but before we get there there’s still plenty of fun stuff to share. So, if you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, please follow us on any or all of those services for regular updates. If you’re not into social media but don’t mind getting an e-mail on a monthly basis, join us on my e-mail newsletter, where I’ll be updating regularly on the progress of Meme.

In 2016 we’re looking to complete post-production by about mid-year and pursue screenings at festivals. We have a plan set forth for that but as with anything it will evolve as needed because it’s more important that the final product is good and what we want it to be than to meet any particular deadline. As I said we have plans in the works for our social media. Some behind-the-scenes photos and clips to share and some videos like our Wotan beer commercials that we’ll be sharing. Maybe more. You’ll have to keep an eye on us to keep up to date. So, please do keep an eye out by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, or signing up for the e-mail newsletter.