Working on Greatest Hits has really been making me reflect on my relationship with music. When thinking about my first album I had kind of a tough time figuring out when I might have actually bought one with my own money. My parents were pretty big fans of 80s pop/rock and the classic rock/oldies of the 60s-70s when I was a kid. I remember we had a lot of Queen albums growing up.

The first thing that I probably made my parents buy for me when I would have been about 7 or 8 years old was the Coming Out of Their Shells Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles album. Yes, in case you forgot, in 1990, the Ninja Turtles had an album, and a tour, and a Pay-per-View concert, and a VHS of said Pay-Per-View concert. The way I remember it back then the Ninja Turtles were kind of the biggest thing ever. They came from a parody comic and consumed all media. They had a breakfast cereal! Okay, it was the 90s, every franchise that they could slap on a box had a breakfast cereal. Usually, an awful one. I remember having the cassette of Coming Out of Their Shells and breaking it out to listen to on the walkman we had around the house pretty often. I also remember going to the mall to get one of the turtles to sign the concert poster, which I’m sure cost my parents a ridiculous amount of money. It was so crowded with kids desperate for some guy in a bad costume to sign whatever they had, I’m not even sure we got a chance to do it.

The less embarrassing version of my first album would probably come from my time living in Saudi Arabia, which I mentioned in my post about my first concert, I got an allowance then, generally for watching my younger siblings while my parents worked. Probably the first album I bought from a little music kiosk on the compound we lived on was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I was very very into the Beatles at the time. I hadn’t overplayed all of their songs until I just couldn’t listen to them anymore, yet. I recognized a lot of the songs on the album from the radio, but I think I’ll always be a little bit more fond of the the weird tracks buried among the classics. After the first handful of tracks on the album it starts getting weirder and as a kid I wondered a bit what was going on but I would often return to the weirder track like “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” or “Fixing a Hole.”

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