Have you been following our Greatest Hits campaign? Just barely over a week left. We’re making progress but not quite as much as we need. We need people to come out for this. This film is going to be telling a lot of stories you won’t be seeing elsewhere, so join in. Plus, we’ve got some fabulous incentives. There’s the usual stuff: digital copy of the film, producer credit, in credits thank yous and so on. What’s really cool, though, is all the art quality prints and postcards we’ve got available. For higher-level supporters there’s 13×19 signed prints of photos from Chris’ Greatest Hits exhibition. At the lower incentive levels there are sets and half-sets of postcards featuring the photos. High quality, you want to frame these and put them on your wall type postcards.

On top of all that the last 2 weeks of the campaign we’re offering a different one of those gorgeous postcards signed by photographer Chris Cuffaro every day, for just $5! If you haven’t jumped on this promo yet you’ve missed out on some beautiful signed postcards featuring Nick Cave, Nirvana, Eddie Vedder, Maynard James Keenan, and Morrissey. Sunday August 9th (the day I’m writing this) Fiona Apple is our postcard of the day.

What else? Oh! For the last week of the campaign we have something EXTRA SPECIAL lined up. I won’t tell you what but you should keep an eye on our updates on the Seed&Spark page tomorrow to find out.

Just to emphasize how cool some of the stuff we’ve got for you if you contribute to the campaign, here’s a gallery featuring some of the incentives. Follow us on Twitter (@CuffaroHits), Facebook (/CuffaroHits), and Instagram (@CuffaroPhoto) for more info, and contribute on Seed&Spark. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

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