As of my writing this we are at 69% of our goal on Seed&Spark. For the Seed&Spark platform you need to reach 80% to get a “Green Light,” which releases your funds. We’re so close and people have been great in showing their support for our project, but we need just a little bit more to make it to our Green Light. We’ve only got 2 days left to make this happen and we can’t do it without you!

A quick recap: Greatest Hits is a film about the work of Chris Cuffaro, a photographer who has been shooting many of the most popular musicians of the past 30 years. He has hundreds of stories to share about shooting with everyone from Iggy Pop to Jackson Browne. He shot Nirvana before the recorded Nevermind. His photo of Perry Farrell is the inspiration for the Soundgarden song “Jesus Christ Pose.” He made the original video for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” with the band. Also, you’ve probably seen more than a few of his photos of George Michael from the Faith music video and American and Australian tours. We’re making a documentary about these stories and giving you a unique glimpse behind the scenes of the last three decades of music.

Our campaign started on July 15th and we’ve been pushing hard for the last month to reach our goal. We’ve put everything we could into this and we’re really pleased with the results so far. We just have a little further to go.

What’s in it for you if you contribute? Prints of Chris’ photos. Collections of high-quality photo postcards. Credit on the film. A copy of the film. Come check it out and then help us get that much closer to our goal in these final days. You can also follow our project on Twitter and Facebook. Join our film and make a contribution today on Seed&Spark.

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