Music is sometimes I think a bigger part of our lives than sometimes occurs to us. My first memory associated with music is also the earliest memory I can identify. It’s funny, because it’s so appropriate to the Greatest Hits project in that it is also a filmmaking related memory.

For the first few years of my life my family moved often. I was born in Alabama and then we quickly moved to Arizona. Not long after that we moved to Bethel, Alaska, before eventually moving to Anchorage, where I grew up. It was in Bethel, at maybe the age of three, that this memory comes in. What I remember is an ear and someone applying hair around it. I remember a growling monster with yellow eyes. I remember a smiling young man. We were watching the making of video for the John Landis directed Michael Jackson music video Thriller.

I don’t remember a lot about it. Just bits and pieces about the make-up being applied to Michael to turn him into that werecat zombie monster thing he was supposed to be in the film. I found the making of recently on YouTube and enjoyed it all over again:



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