Working with Chris on Greatest Hits I’ve been reflecting on my relationship with music a lot lately. For a lot of the albums I’ve owned, I’ve been prone to skipping tracks. I think we all are, especially those of us who grew up with CDs that made it very easy to skip over songs we weren’t quite as into. I didn’t listen to a whole album all the way through, most of the time. Now that you don’t even have to buy the whole album anymore and can easily re-arrange tracks into whole new playlists on your phone, it almost seems like listening to a whole album from beginning to end is even less common.

So, I thought back on the albums I’ve had over the years that I, for at least a little while, would listen to from beginning to end without skipping tracks. Here’s my list:

  • Hellbilly Deluxe – Rob Zombie: I listened to this whole thing on repeat for months after I first bought it. I’m still happy to listen to just about any track from Rob Zombie’s solo debut.
  • Mechanical Animals – Marilyn Manson: This was around the same time as Hellbilly Deluxe. Maybe it’s just the mood I was in. This one I bought on cassette, because that’s what my car played, and I maintain to this day that it is an excellent album with a lot of great tracks on it.
  • The Sky is Calling – The Impossible Girl (Kim Boekbinder): Much more recent. I supported her Kickstarter because she was a friend of some friends (I’m a believer in supporting my fellow artists for the sake of supporting them [when I can afford to], especially when people I respect love them) and got an album download out of it. I actually gave it a listen after it sat in my download folder for a few weeks and I loved it. The album on repeat was my soundtrack for much of the summer and fall of 2013.
  • Electric Warrior – T. Rex: I knew “Bang a Gong,” I think most people with an interest in rock music know that one. I think I’d heard another song or two as well. I downloaded this one from iTunes during one of my “I have to expand my music knowledge/interests” kicks. I played it beginning to end for weeks, particularly when I was writing, it made for a wonderful writing soundtrack.
  • Nine Lives – Aerosmith: The album that lead to my first concert was also a cassette I played through over and over during my year in Saudi. It has been a long time since I’ve listened through it, but I still occasionally have pieces from the weirder tracks, like “The Farm” pop into my head.

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