The images featured in Greatest Hits are the ones that Chris has chosen from thousands of photos he’s taken over the past three decades. From the 100, he’s even got a few favorites. Well, these are my own Top 5 favorites (in no particular order) from the 100.

  1. Iggy Pop (face) – Okay. I know I said no particular order, but this is hands down my favorite photo of the entire exhibition. I love Iggy Pop and I love eyes. This is all about the eyes. You take the rest of the face out of it and you still have these piercing eyes staring back at you through the photo. It’s intense but inviting. It’s really a wonderful portrait.
  2. George Michael (shadow) – What is it about this photo exactly that seems so perfectly George Michael? I suspect I’d seen it or some variation on it before and its been ingrained in my mind. The photo just jumps out at me as another excellent portrait of the artist.
  3. White Zombie – It’s all about the solarize effect on this photo. The effect just seems to fit with White Zombie’s style. Gritty punk/metal vibe mixed with unreal effects.
  4. Perry Farrell (bed) – This shot is on my list because of Chris’ stories related to it. You’ll have to join us on the campaign for Greatest Hits to get more about those. The way this “Jesus Chris pose” happened and the inspiration it provided others.
  5. Fiona Apple – I didn’t get into her music back when she first came out. I should probably revisit her work. Still, this photo just seems right based on what I remember about her from the time. There’s an outer vulnerability but when you look closer (it’s all about the eyes!) there’s a lot more happening there.

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