Working with Chris Cuffaro on the Greatest Hits documentary in a way started 5 years ago when we first met. We didn’t meet in person. We’re on opposite coasts. In fact, in 5 years we’ve only met in person one time. Chris and I met through the magic of the Internet. I saw one of his photos, probably one of his White Zombie or Rob Zombie photos, and commented to him on Twitter about how I thought it was cool. We had a brief back and forth about it and kept in touch. I shared some of my early projects, such as Modern Prometheus, and Chris appreciated the potential in my work. Over the following few years we became internet friends and emails turned into the occasional phone call tossing around potential project ideas. Nothing quite came together.

Chris doesn’t often come to New York City anymore and being a broke independent filmmaker I’m usually spending too much time/money on my current projects to make the trip to LA. Then, two years ago, Chris took a trip out here to New York for some meetings and we had a chance to meet up for lunch at his favorite place in the East Village, Lucien. We had steaks and a couple of drinks and chatted about all of the different projects we hadn’t quite gotten together. Chris also made some mention of trying to get an exhibition together and I thought that sounded really exciting. It wasn’t quite a fully formed concept, yet, but I told him to keep me in the loop, because it sounded like there was a lot of potential in what he was talking about.

Then, last year, Chris told me about the Greatest Hits Exhibition. There were a lot of ideas flowing. It was still in its early stages but one thing I could see is there was a story there. So did Chris. There was some talk already happening about a documentary around the exhibition. I wanted to find a way to be involved with it, because Chris’ work and stories are exciting and I want everyone to appreciate them the way I have. So, I signed on to produce East Coast based shoots for the documentary. The more Chris and I discussed the film and the ideas around it the more excited we got about the potential of this project. Yes, it’s the story of Chris and his stories behind his iconic photos, but it’s also all of our stories about our own relationships with music and music photography.

Check out today and contact us at Sean@CuffaroHits and be a part of the story.

And don’t forget to follow Chris on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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