I’m very pleased to announce my involvement in an exciting new project with my friend, Chris Cuffaro. The film is called Greatest Hits and it is a documentary about music and photography and the intersection of the two mediums told through the lens of Chris’ career. Who is Chris Cuffaro? You may not know the name but I guarantee that if you’ve had even the slightest interest in music over the past 30 years you’ve likely seen one or more of his photos. The one I refer to most often that sparks recognition in people is his photo of George Michael for the Faith tour.

George Michael from the Faith tour, Shot by Chris Cuffaro, 1988

George Michael from the Faith tour, Shot by Chris Cuffaro, 1988. Read more about Chris’ experiences on the Faith tour here.

But if you are a fan of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Jane’s Addiction, INXS, or really any of the hundreds of amazing artists Chris has shot over the years, you’ve likely seen his work.

The documentary will focus particularly on Chris’ upcoming Greatest Hits exhibition of his photos from the past 30 years. The exhibition includes photos of all of the bands mentioned above and many more. It cuts across almost every genre of music and every single one of the images has a great story behind it. That’s what the film is going to be about: the stories behind the images. Not just Chris’ stories. We’re also planning to get the stories of the photos’ subjects as well as the stories of other members of the industry and music fans. Maybe we’ll even get your stories. Chris and I both recognize the strong connection between music and photography and how everyone reacts to images of their favorite musicians. We want to capture that.

We’ve got some big plans for this film, which I’ve joined as an Executive Producer, and I’ll be writing a lot more about it this month. Keep your eyes peeled, because there are some more big announcements to come.

In the meantime, check out photos from the exhibition at and tell us what you think! Follow Chris on Twitter and Instagram where he regularly shares his work and will be sharing progress on this film and the exhibition. Share your stories with us at:

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