Oh, boy. Here we go again. I know what I’ve said before. I’ve said it repeatedly. I hate crowdfunding. I do. I find the process exhausting and frustrating and sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. Then, I see people get excited about a project and I see people get enthusiastic about supporting the talents of creative people and I can’t help but want to do it again. This time, it’s a little different. This time I’m not crowdfunding for a narrative film. This time it’s not about me expressing some work of fiction I feel I have to tell. This time it’s about helping my friend get his stories into the world and build on it with more stories. This time it’s a story about something we all share in, even if only a little bit.

The Greatest Hits documentary is crowdfunding on Seed&Spark starting today. We’re aiming at a whopping $150,000. It’s a big number. It’s a big scary number and I took a lot of time considering just how sensible it is to approach it. Then, I looked at Chris’ work. Have you seen Chris’ work, which is the center of this project? It’s amazing. The artists he’s shot are amazing. Chris, is kind of amazing, too. When we first decided to pursue this insane idea of crowdfunding this documentary on Seed&Spark Chris and I had a lot of conversations. A big part of what I try to do when I talk to people about crowdfunding is emphasize the insanity of the work involved and that if you want to raise a high amount you better be ready for it. It took less than 5 minutes for me to be sure we’d hit our target. Not just because of our content, because Chris recognizes this is a big big job that is going to require both of us to bust our asses for months to pull off. We have to be organized and we have to be pushing it actively from every angle that we can every day and never give up on it. We’re doing this because I know Chris has what it takes to do the work to reach our goal, and I hope that I have what it takes. We’re in it together and we’re dedicated to this campaign, because we’re dedicated to making a great film.

So, we need you to join us. We need you to be part of this project. We want your stories and we want your support in making this film happen. Go to Seed&Spark now and show us your support, then tell us your stories via email:, Twitter: @cuffarohits #GreatestHits Instagram: @cuffarophoto #GreatestHits or Facebook:

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