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Time Signature Update


It’s been awhile since I did a proper blog update. I have more planned for the next few weeks. So, let’s get that started off with an update about Time Signature, the short film I crowdfunded last year on Seed&Spark about Danielle, a woman who discovers her favorite musician is from the future and has traveled back in time to change Danielle’s life. I wrote about Making Time Signature last year. It was a really fun process and I am very pleased to have many of the same people working with me on Meme this year.

I released Time Signature in April and its been doing reasonably well over the past few months. We are premiering in Manhattan at Indie Works’ July screening on the 8th. More about that on the Facebook Event. We have gotten some good press around Time Signature with an interview at Stoned Crowe Press and two reviews which featured the following quotes:

This one is ten minutes of sci-fi with no special effects and more emotional stakes than most full-length flicks.

-Joe Crowe, RevolutionSF


Everything about Time Signature very clearly suggests that if Mannion was given what he needs in the way of budget and resources, he could come up with something well worth watching.

-Gabriel Ricard, Captain Canada’s Movie Rodeo

This is not to mention the personal messages I’ve received from people that they loved it, that they were moved by the ending, or that it gave them chills. It’s great to hear the film get such a reaction from so many people and to have so many people reach out to tell me how much they enjoyed the film.

I’m really pleased with what we’ve done and excited to participate in the Indie Works Q&A. If you’re in Manhattan on July 8th come on down and bring your tough time travel questions! I’m ready for them!

Haven’t seen the film, yet? Well, here it is or you can go to I have an update on Meme coming later this week and then next Monday I have a big announcement.

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